Automobile Industry(自動車産業)

The automobile industry, which accounts for about 12.5% of all exports from Japan, is no doubt one of its most important industried, Japan produces about 11% of the automobiles produced annually in the world and is home to abouut 7.5% of the world’s existing automobiles. Japan had been the top automobile manufacturer in the world for 15 years, with over 11 million automobiles produced annually until 1994, when total production fell to 10.5 million. This was due to the appreciation of the yen, which made exports difficult and slowed domestic sales. Since 2009, China has bocome the No.1 automobile manufacturer in the world, with an annual production of 19 million car. Japan now ranks No.3 behind China and the U.S. But many Japanese automobile companies have shifted their production overseas to cope with the strong yen and cut production costs. As a resule, the annual overseas production of Japanese cars, at 15.8 million cars, is greater than its domestic production, at 9.9 million cars. This means, if you include overseas production, the total annual production volume of Japanese cars is still the highest in the world.

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Wed May 17 , 2023
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